Hello everyone, in today's Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom I'm going to talk about the power of gratitude and appreciation.  As most of you probably know if you've been following my work one of my favorite subjects is The Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation.  

Why is it my favorite topic? Because it's probably the most profoundly empowering realization of anyone's awakening.  What could be more important than realizing that you are not a victim of circumstances, that you are literally creating your personal reality with your very own thoughts, beliefs, and more — absolutely without exception.

I've written about the power of gratitude and appreciation before in my article Notice and Appreciate Every Little Good Thing in Your Life but this subject is so important that I decided to revisit it.

Appreciation and Gratitude Pave the Way for Abundance

If you didn't know anything about The Law of Attraction, if you didn't know any of the principles of Deliberate Creation and you just used this one practice — regularly expressing gratitude — you'd be way ahead of the game.  The bottom line is, regularly taking notice of the stuff in your life and the world that you like, and expressing appreciation and gratitude for it, attracts more of the same into your life.

The opposite of this practice is the insidious habit of routinely noticing what you don't like.   This is a very common habit. Most people seem to have a habitual bias of noticing and complaining about the things they see around them that they don't like.   And sadly, most of them are completely unaware that they are doing it and how miscreative it is.

If you know anything about The Law of Attraction, then you know that what you think about and you give attention to you attract.  And this is why there's power in gratitude and appreciation — not because God wants or needs you to be appreciative of its creations and not because gratitude is 'good'.   But simply because gratitude and appreciation has you focusing on what you like — and what you give more attention to, you are more likely to attract into your life. It's that simple.  That's how The Law of Attraction works.

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. Become a person who appreciates and you will thrive!    — Abraham Hicks

And this isn't the only reason why gratitude is such a powerful deliberate creation practice.  It isn't just a matter of where you are putting your attention and what you are thinking about.

Emotion Amplifies Attraction

It's also the strength of the emotion associated with what you're thinking about and giving attention too.  The emotion associated with a thought greatly amplifies its attractive power.  And the emotion of appreciation and gratitude is a very strong positive emotion.  That's why gratitude is so powerful — it has you expressing strong positive emotion as you focus on what you like.

Learning to Focus on What You Like Rather than What You Don't

One of the benefits of a regular gratitude practice, besides what I've already mentioned,  is that it can help you eliminate whatever tendency you have to focus on what you don't like.  When you regularly and  deliberately and consciously make an effort to notice the things around you in your own life or in other people's lives, and the world at large, that you like you are leaving less time to focus on what you don't like. By the way, What you choose to focus on is one of the key deliberate creation principles which I have explored in depth in the article Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don't.

In addition to diverting your attention to more productive targets, once you get in the habit of noticing what you like and getting familiar with the good feeling of appreciation, then when you inadvertently start paying attention to something you don't like and start complaining it will stand out like a sore thumb.   Why? Because the feeling that you have when you're focusing on what you don't like is very different than the good feelings associated with the state of appreciation.  When you are putting your attention on something you don't like (and perhaps bitching, moaning, and complaining about it) you don't feel good.  This enables you to catch yourself focusing on what you don't like — by noticing how you feel.

When you feel those negative feelings and you realize you're that you're complaining you can just stop immediately and even better switch to expressing gratitude for something else.   In this way you can reprogram yourself away from habitually paying attention to what you don't like. Which is very important to do because whatever you focus on you increase the probability of experiencing.  If you pay a lot of attention to what you don't like then you are increasing the chances you will get more of what you don't like!

The sad truth is that most of the time most of the people are simply blocking the manifestation of their true desires via their miscreative habits of thinking.  And the practice of regularly noticing and expressing appreciation for the good things in your life and in the world offer one step in the right direction.

Building a Gratitude Practice

Set aside some time on a regular basis where you can deliberately look for things to express gratitude for.   They don't have to be big things.   In fact, it's all the little stuff that makes up the very fabric of your life.  

Don't underestimate how all the little stuff contributes to your happiness.  You can do your gratitude sessions anytime you have a few free minutes and can do them anywhere if you just say thanks in the sanctity of your own mind.   But of course, if you say it out loud you add a lot of energy and power to it so this is preferable.  A few places I've found were I can state my gratitude (or intentions, desire, and hopes and dreams) out loud to the universe are when I'm driving around in my car by myself and also on my evening walks under the stars.  You might think of some other ideas.  

The attitude of gratitude is a powerful deliberate creation tool that every master creator is very adept at.

More power to you!