Hello everyone, welcome to the very  first video in my Questions & Answers Series.  I recently received some questions from a reader via e-mail that I thought were pretty interesting.   Here they are with my perspective regarding each.

Question #1

Were all the Souls created at once, at the beginning, or are new Souls being created as God and the universe expands?

Well, as is usual with everything in spiritual metaphysics, the complete answer to this question is far more complicated and subtle than you can imagine.

The short answer is that Souls are being created dynamically in cycles and so they are not all created at once — they are created, they have life experiences, and then they reintegrate with Source, and then more are created, and they have experiences, and they reintegrate with Source.  So it's cyclical and its dynamic.

Diving deeper into the answer to this question, it's important to understand that Source Consciousness, God, the consciousness system is just consciousness — completely non-physical and formless — and it's engaged in a process of evolving and expanding itself (its consciousness).  And the way it's doing this is that it is creating multitudes of reality constructs and then diving in and experiencing them.

How does it do this?  It does this by subdividing its consciousness into what I like to call 'sub-threads' or individuated units of its consciousness so that it can actually be doing more than one thing in parallel.  Each one of these individuated units (or sub-threads) of its consciousness has its own focal point of awareness and perception.  So they can operate in parallel to all the other threads of consciousness.  And a whole bunch of these threads of consciousness are engaged in designing, implementing, and maintaining the reality constructs that it's going to experience to learn, grow, and evolve from.  And a whole bunch of the other threads of consciousness are engaged in experiencing those reality constructs.

The whole thing is Source — Source is playing every role, Source is every thread of consciousness just some of them don't realize it because they are immersed in a special type of reality that we designed so we would forget that we were Source and we'd forget that we are the creator of realities, that we are both the creator and experiencer of realities.  That's the kind of reality system that we're currently engaged in experiencing here.  And this entire process is the evolutionary process of Source (the consciousness system).  It's extremely interesting and it's very dynamic and very cyclical.

So normally I use the term Soul for a very specific type of thread of consciousness within the consciousness system.  When Source subdivides itself it does so in a fractal tree-like subdivision process so there is a fractal tree structure of consciousness with trillions upon trillions of threads of consciousness in a multi-level branching fractal tree like structure.  And Souls are the threads of consciousness that are closest to the leaf nodes in the fractal tree structure of consciousness.  And their purpose is to incarnate into low-frequency reality constructs — duality realities and separation realities similar to the one that we're currently engaged in experiencing.

And these threads of source consciousness that we call Souls are created by their parent level of consciousness, by their Over-soul.  An Over-soul dynamically creates sub-threads of its consciousness to experience realities and accumulate knowledge and wisdom from those experiences.  And the Over-soul can run many sub-threads of its consciousness — many Souls — at once, each being in a different reality having different experiences.

But there appears to be a limit to how many parallel sub-threads of its consciousness a Over-soul can create and run at the same time.  It's said to be twelve, but who knows it doesn't really matter.  And each one of these sub-threads of an Over-souls consciousness incarnates in a series of lives in various realities.  Typically each Soul has thousands of incarnations.  And the purpose is to grow and evolve and to gather a fairly well-rounded body of experience in these types of reality contexts, and then return the knowledge and wisdom and experience to the Over-soul.  Souls are the part of an Over-soul that's having experiences in 'physical' realities and helping the Over-soul expand and evolve its consciousness.

Each Soul is on a journey of many lives and eventually that journey of learning, growth, and evolution is complete and a Soul will reintegrate with its Over-soul.  When it does then it returns all the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from its experiences to the Over-soul.  And it (the Soul) doesn't exist independently any longer it becomes its Over-soul —  it reintegrates with its Over-soul.  And as each Soul completes its journey of lives and reintegrates the Over-soul can then create a new Soul or a new sub-thread of its consciousness to experience multiple realities and go through its journey.

Over the lifetime or life-cycle of an Over-soul, it might create thousands or hundreds of thousands of Souls and each one of those Souls has thousands of lives.  So an Over-soul accumulates experience, knowledge, and wisdom from millions of lives or millions of experiences within various reality constructs.

So that's the cyclical nature of Souls — there created, they have their journeys of experience in various realities, and when they've evolved and grown they reintegrate with their Over-soul.  And the Over-soul keeps spawning new Souls until it's journey of evolution completes.  That's millions of lives in total and then it (the Over-soul) will reintegrate with the next level of consciousness up in the chain of consciousness to Source, because we're all Source but we're multiple branching levels down in the multi-threaded structure of Source Consciousness.

If you want to learn more about the multi-threaded composite structure of Source Consciousness (the consciousness system) check out my article The Multidimensional Self - The Soul, the Over-Soul, and Beyond.  You might also want to check out The Universal Ascension Process - Our Journey to Oneness which describes the evolutionary dynamic and cycles within the fractal tree structure of consciousness.

Question #2

Do Souls have a gender? or are they genderless until they incarnate?

The short answer is — Yes, Souls are essentially genderless because they are simply consciousness and completely non-physical and formless.

That's not to say that consciousness can't have qualities that we might describe as feminine like or masculine like.  But even at the Soul level of consciousness, any bias towards masculine or feminine qualities of consciousness is very subtle.  The clincher here is that each Soul incarnates thousands of times and it plays both female and male roles, many times each.  Gender is merely one of the polarities within a duality reality.  But it's a key duality because it's associated with our image of self, our body, which are just avatars.  You're not your body, you are your Soul, and your Soul is simply consciousness.

But in a duality reality, or in any physical reality construct, your consciousness associates itself with some sort of form, some sort of body.  And in duality realities those bodies can either be on one end of a spectrum or another — they can have one of two polarities male or female.  When there are these two genders of self it creates an  interesting and formative dynamic.  So gender is one of the core dualities that creates self-identity in form.  But it's just a part of the game, a part of the illusion, a part of the reality construct, it's got nothing to do with what you really are which is pure consciousness.

So Souls are essentially Genderless and if you go up a level in the chain of consciousness it's even more true.  The Over-soul is the sum of millions of incarnations, millions of life experiences.  Any idiosyncrasies including masculine or feminine qualities of consciousness are going to be averaged out because it's the sum of such a broad set of experiences.  And it knows itself to be Source which has been everything.

And as you go up the chain of consciousness above the Over-soul you will finally reach Source.  And of course, Source has played every role in every reality.  We are Source playing this part in this reality construct.  We designed it so we wouldn't remember that we were Source and that we wouldn't remember that we are creators.  Which creates a very interesting and formative experience of separation and limitation.  Source has been everything, has created everything, and played every role in every reality construct so it is a perfect balance of all qualities of consciousness.

That's my perspective on this question.  If you have any thoughts or alternative ideas please share them in the comments section.

Question #3

Does God have a gender?

Well, I pretty much answered that with what I just said.  No, consciousness does not really have a gender.  Gender is just something that is a part of duality reality constructs.  God is the consciousness system, and at the top level it is a perfect balance of all qualities of consciousness — no gender whatsoever.  That's why I don't typically use the term God I prefer to say Source or Source Consciousness or the Consciousness System.  I do this so it's very clear what we're actually talking about, what the nature of this thing really is.  So I don't refer to Source as a him or her — it's an 'it' — it is, it exists that's it — so 'it'.

We play out the dynamic of male and female selves within duality realities because it's interesting, fun, and formative.  It's just part of the game, it isn't a part of what we really are which is the consciousness that plays the characters within the games.

That's my perspective anyway.

Question #4

When we incarnate in human form do we get to choose the body and the life or is it our higher Souls that choose for us?

I'm assuming that 'our higher Soul' means the Higher-Self or the Over-soul.  It's my understanding that the Soul is the primary decision maker in everything having to do with each one of its incarnations, each of its lives, which includes the family, the body, the situations, and everything else about the life plan.

But since the Soul is an aspect of its Over-soul (or higher-self) then obviously the Soul is going to be in close consultation with its higher-self on how to achieve it's growth, learning, and evolution objectives.  And every Soul has a team of guides and mentors which it is also going to consult with — without a doubt.

But what if the Over-soul (higher-self) has a strong interest or recommendation as to what kind of experiences a Soul should be incarnating into?  There are two ways to look at this.  If you see the Over-soul as something separate from yourself then you could interpret it as someone else is making your decisions for you, or decisions are being imposed upon you.  But if you see your Soul as a part of, or aspect of, your Over-soul then in a sense your Over-soul is you.  So in that case, it's like your Soul is consulting and negotiating with parts of itself.  And why wouldn't it, it's higher-self and its guides have a much bigger perspective, they have much longer life-cycles, so they have much more wisdom to guide a particular Soul in its journey.

That's my perspective on this question anyway.

Question #5

Can our Souls choose to incarnate in forms other than humans can they incarnate as animals or other creatures?

Yes, Souls can incarnate in animals and other non-human forms.  But Souls rarely incarnate in lower sentience lifeforms like animals or other creatures.  The reason is that doesn't fulfill the purpose of what they're trying to do.  The bottom line is, incarnating in anything other than a human form is not as interesting and formative as being a human.  So that's what we're trying to do.

There is one exception to that though, and that is quite a few Souls incarnate as the pets to humans because it serves a really important role.  Pets can teach humans a lot of lessons about unconditional love, compassion, kindness, etc.  and the companionship of a pet is really a wonderful thing.  So that's the main exception.  Other than that there is really no point because it wouldn't drive your evolution of your consciousness to be anything else.

Now having said that, there are threads of consciousness that are animating all the animals and all the creatures but they're of a slightly different type of consciousness, a slightly lower level of sentience and they have dedicated themselves to providing the environment through which we can have our human experience in.  So they are service entities which are creating the context, the environment, the reality construct for us to play in.

And there's one last thing I need to point out — the Earth is not the only planet in the universe and the humanoid form is not the only fully sentient lifeform.  There are a huge diversity of fully sentient lifeforms.  There are insectoid forms, there are birdlike (avian) lifeforms, and almost any other form you can imagine.  And are Souls incarnate all over the universe into all these forms — not just on Earth in human form.

So that's my perspective on this question.


So that's it for today.  Those are my perspectives on these questions.  If you have any thoughts or comments or other ideas regarding these questions I'd love to hear about them.  Go ahead and share them in the comments below or feel free to e-mail me if you want to discuss something more personally.