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Manifesting a Day-Off to Ski with My Buddy

This story of how I manifested a day-off from work so I could go skiing with my buddy is fairly magical and poignantly illustrates a number of things about how we manifest our desires via the Law of Attraction.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine, that I get to see very rarely but whose company I enjoy immensely, invited me to go back-country skiing with him on the upcoming Saturday.  I really wanted to join him, but I had to tell him that I couldn't because I had to work. I recently started driving for Uber on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays which provides me with weekly income that covers my living expenses, and still allows me the time to continue my work on this website (Divine Cosmos), and on my online courses on the Deliberate Creator Academy.

I was pretty frustrated that I couldn't join him because I really enjoy his company, and I don't get to ski with friends very often, and I really love skiing.  In fact, I hadn't seen him for most of the winter which made it even more enticing to have the opportunity to go skiing with him.  I didn't want to take a day off because I really wanted to make my weekly income goal, yet I really wanted to join him — a bit of a conundrum.

Shout-out to the Universe

So, as I often do, I shouted out to the universe and said something like this I really would love to be able to go skiing with my friend.  How can I get to go skiing with my friend and still make my weekly income goal? Is there a way?  Framing your desire as a question is a powerful best practice of Deliberate Creation which I use routinely now.  Use this approach when you have a desire, but the way to the fulfillment of the desire is unclear.  I won't go into the reasons here why this is a powerful technique, but if you want to learn more about it check out Best Practice: Framing Your Desire as a Question

Thankfully, my friend didn't give up on me because the very next week he invited me to go skiing with him again.  This time it was for the upcoming Friday.  Of course, again I had to say, No, sorry I can't, Friday is one of my busiest days so it's a crucial one that I can't miss.  Now I was even more frustrated!  How was I ever going to get to go skiing with him if he's only available on weekends and I work weekends! 

I certainly can take any day off I like (that's the flexibility of Uber) but the weekend is the busiest time, so it's the quickest and easiest strategy to make a weekly salary and still have plenty of time to work on my other projects.  But yet I still desperately wanted to be able to join him.  So again, I voiced out loud to the universe I'd really like to go skiing with my friend.  How can I go skiing with him and still make my weekly earning goal?

Friday Arrives

So, Friday arrives, and I'm doing a long day of Uber driving presumably while my friend is having fun skiing.   And what's interesting is that it was turning out to be the busiest day of Uber driving I've ever experienced and I was making far more money than usual.  So much so, that if this pace kept up on Saturday, I might make my earnings goal in two days rather than three!  Which would leave my Sunday free for working on my other projects or maybe getting outside for some recreation — which really got me excited!  I wasn't thinking about the possibility of skiing with my friend because I assumed that if he had skied on Friday, he probably wouldn't be doing it again on Sunday.

When I finished my day of Uber driving on Friday, after 12 long hours, I was pretty tired but quite pleased because I had just made more money in a single day than I ever had before!  This made me very excited because there was a definite possibility that I might reach my weekly earnings goal by the end of Saturday and then have Sunday free!  So, I was delighted when Saturday also began unfolding as a very busy day.  As Saturday's driving progressed the fares were piling up, and it really looked like I might do it!  I might reach my earnings goal and be done driving by the end of the Saturday — one whole day early!  But after about 8 hours on the road, I realized I was extremely tired and I decided not to kill myself and to go home early and get some rest.

So, after I had finished the current Uber request, which happened to be a food delivery, my intention was to go home early.  But after completing the delivery, I took a quick look at how close I was to making my weekly earnings goal, and I was tantalizingly close!  But it looked like it would take one or two very large fares to put me over the top and so I decided to stick to my plans of quitting for the day.

The Magic Begins

But that intention didn't last for very long, because in less than 10 seconds after starting to head home my Uber Driver App emitted a loud Ding! indicating that another ride was available.  And when I looked at it, I gasped in surprise and then muttered to myself Holy moly that's a really long ride, that's a really big fare! And because I've trained myself to pay attention to what's arriving and to seize the opportunities that my thoughts and desires are attracting, I realized that I might just be manifesting the big rides that I needed to reach my goal!  So, I decided to trust my intuition and seize this opportunity, and I accepted the ride.  And curiously, the ride pickup way out past the local ski area, not far from where my friend had invited me to go back-country skiing.

And guess who is standing in the driveway next to his car? Yep, my buddy!  The very same one I was desiring to go skiing with!  Now there's another curious coincidence!  So of course, I decided to stop and say hello.  And guess what he tells me part way through our short chat?  He tells me he's planning on skiing again tomorrow.  Another unexpected curious coincidence because I unexpectedly might be available tomorrow!

Needless to say, a big grin appeared on my face, and all I said was Oh, really? But I didn't say more because I was distracted by the fare and I was very tired.  In any case, since it looked like he was about to go somewhere in his car, I asked him where he was going.  And guess where my friend was about to head out to? Pretty much the very same place I was going!  I was going to pick up somebody at their home just past the ski area, and my buddy was driving to his new home under-construction just past the ski area!  The very same house whose back yard is the starting point of the back-country ski trips he's been inviting me on! 

The Significance of Curious Coincidences

Are you seeing the significance of all these curious coincidences?  There are no random coincidences!  You are attracting everything that appears in your reality based on not only your choices and actions, but also on your desires, beliefs, expectations, and most predominate thoughts as well — absolutely without exception!  And guess what the most obvious sign that you are coherently creating your reality is? Yep, it's those curious coincidences — what have been called synchronicities — because they seem meaningful rather than random.  If you pay close attention to the thoughts and desires you're having, as well as what is showing up in your life, you're going to start to realize that those curious coincidences aren't random at all, you're going to realize they are correlated with your very own thoughts and desires!

But back to the final part of the story, because it's not quite over yet.

Another Big Fare

 After completing that last Uber trip of the day, I was excruciatingly close to reaching my earnings goal but not quite there.  But I didn't have more than a few seconds to ponder that thought when Ding! another Uber ride request came in for me to consider.  A quick look at the trip details revealed that this fare was going to be huge!  So of course, I took it (even though I was dead tired) because I was on a roll and it looked like I was going to manifest the best possible outcome!  And of course, after completing that fare, I was well above my goal and so I headed home tired but with a shit eating grin on my face.

Sheer Luck?

So lucky me, I was done in two days of driving rather than the usual three and I had been graced with a series of unexpected events that conveniently set me up to go skiing with my buddy the next day!  A perfectly wonderful solution to the question I asked before the whole thing went down — How can I ski with my buddy and make my weekly earning goal too? — and one that I probably never could have imagined.  Two of the largest fares I've ever made (top 5 percent) back-to-back just when I needed them!  Sheer luck or pure manifestation? If this was a one-of-a-kind type of experience, I might agree with the sheer luck conjecture, but it's not.  I get lucky very frequently, far more than can be explained by chance alone!  And of course, it isn't luck!  I am coherently creating my reality with my very own desires and thoughts and more!  Without a doubt!  And you can too!  All you have too do is learn the principles and practices of Deliberate Creation and practice applying them until you master it!  And of course, that is what the Deliberate Creator Academy is all about!

But back to the story, which isn't quite finished yet.  Believe it or not, I was more than halfway home, from my long day of work on Saturday, before I realized that I could go skiing with my buddy the next day!  I had been so busy and distracted by the driving that I almost completely forgot about it.  So, I immediately sent him a text message and said You want some company tomorrow? I'm available!  He immediately responded with a Hell Ya!  How about we start relatively late, say 10am at my place?  I was very relieved to hear that he wanted to do a late start because I was nearly exhausted from two very long days of Uber driving.  Just another thing that fell in place perfectly for me.

Are you guys seeing the magic and perfection of all this? This is classic creation and co-creation at its finest.  Be aware that all manifestation is to some degree co-creation.   After all, this is not a single player game, it's a multi-player game.   It wasn't just my strong desire and focus of thought that brought about this delightful turn of events.   My friends' strong desire to go skiing, and have good company, was equally instrumental in bringing about the outcome we manifested.  An excellent example of co-creation.

The Takeaway

I think this is an excellent story because it poignantly illustrates many aspects of coherent manifestation.  It clearly exemplifies how strong desire alone can attract the circumstances that will facilitate the manifestation of that desire — without having to make it happen through action — all you have to do is pay attention for the opportunities that you are manifesting and seize them when they arrive.

This story also demonstrates a powerful practice of Deliberate Creation — framing your desire as a question.  Something you should do whenever it is unclear how what you want can come about — which is really the case most of the time, regardless of whether you think so or not.   Worrying about, or fixating on, how your desire can or must manifest is a well-known stumbling block and one that I've discussed in detail in other lessons.

And last but not least, this story clearly illustrates how synchronicities (those curious coincidences) are the finger-print of manifestation.  And hence alludes to the importance of looking for and paying very close attention to the synchronicities that are showing up.  Because by correlating what's been showing up with what you've been desiring, thinking, saying, etc, you will eventually become utterly convinced that you are creating your reality — absolutely without exception —  and thereby be well on your way to becoming a master deliberate creator.

So that's it for this story guys.  If you want to dive deeper into the topics that I alluded to in this story you can find links to lessons related to those topics in the notes section below this story (in the Deliberate Creator Academy).

I hope that was helpful, see you in the next story!