Hello everyone, this is Jeff at Divine Cosmos.  Welcome to the next installment in my Questions & Answers Series.

I've been receiving quite a few questions from the readers and followers of my blog and YouTube channel.  And today I'm going to share my perspective on a whole series of questions that a reader of my last questions and answers asked as a follow-up questions to that.

Question #1

So, the readers first questions was:

Why does there have to be a higher self couldn't Source consciousness itself organize all of our Souls experiences?

In one of the questions that I answered in Questions & Answers #2 I discussed the structure of Source Consciousness, how the Over-Soul and the Soul work in relationship to incarnations, and related topics.  And the reader seems to be asking this question in that context.

The interesting thing is that Source Consciousness is a singular yet multi-threaded multi-level composite consciousness. What do all those terms mean — you've probably never heard multi-threaded composite consciousness before.  This is the terminology I use in explaining the model of the consciousness system as I understand it.   There is really only one consciousness but it has the ability to subdivide itself in too many threads so that it can be doing more than one thing at a time. And this ability to subdivide its consciousness is generic so when it creates a sub-thread that thread can then subdivide itself further resulting in a family tree of threads of consciousness with many levels in it.

What people call the Higher Self or the Over-Soul is a level of consciousness fairly far down in the family tree of consciousness which spawns sub-threads of its consciousness that we call Souls.  The reason why the Over-Soul creates sub-threads of its consciousness is for the purpose of incarnating into the lower level physical realities.   Souls are aspects of, or sub-threads of, their parent Over-Souls consciousness — their Higher Self.  So rightfully, it's the Over-Soul that has the primary responsibility for managing Souls that it spawns.   Each Over-Soul is responsible for the Souls that they spawn.

If you want to learn more about the multi-threaded structure of Source consciousness then check out my article called The Multidimensional Self: The Soul, Over-Soul, and Beyond.

Remember that every thread of Source Consciousness, every Over-Soul, every Soul, and every higher level thread of consciousness within the consciousness system really is Source Consciousness.   Source Consciousness is playing all the roles in all the realities.   Each one of us is a thread of Source Consciousness.

So the answer to the readers question is that subdividing its consciousness and delegating various tasks to those sub-threads is just how Source works.  And it couldn't possibly be doing all the things it's doing without this strategy.

Question #2

Here's the readers second question.

When a Soul reintegrates with its over-Soul what happens to the personality of the Soul? Does it vanish, is it lost, is it no longer conscious of what it has been? Does my personality no longer exist?

Yes, when a Soul completes its evolutionary journey, and its series of incarnations into various realities, and reintegrates with its parent level of consciousness (its Over-Soul), its associated personality dissolves, and it merges with its Over-Souls consciousness.  I know a lot of people find this idea disconcerting.  At least at first, until they realize that their Over-Soul is them.  It is the greater them.   They always have simply been a part of, a sub-thread of, their Over-Soul.

The personality that develops within an incarnation is mostly a product of the specific body and circumstances that the incarnation provides.  And the specific limited and unique circumstances that that incarnation provides that Soul during that experience.  Maybe some of the personality, a very small part of it, derives from the character of its Over-Soul, but mostly it's the product of that specific incarnation.

It's important to understand that the integration process with your Over-Soul is experienced as an expansion.  It is experienced as becoming your greater self.  Your lesser self, the specific personality that was formed by its very limited and singular experience of an incarnation, and its very limited consciousness, simply fades away gradually, and your consciousness expands into something much bigger, something with much more knowledge, experience, and wisdom.  In a sense, you become your Over-Soul, and of course, you were always just an aspect of your Over-Soul to start with.

Nothing is lost.   All the experiences of your Soul are recorded for all eternity in the field in the Akashic Records.   All the knowledge and wisdom that your Soul gleaned from the experiences, of the many lives and incarnations it had, are incorporated into the consciousness of its Over-Soul.   And the exact mix of attributes that your Over-Soul used to spawn your sub-thread of consciousness (your Soul) is also recorded within the Over-Soul.

I already said this once, but I'm going to repeat it.  Believe it or not, and Over-Soul can reconstitute a Soul, that reintegrated and no longer exists in individuality, at any time it needs too.  And that reconstituted Soul is literally exactly the same.  This happens, not that frequently, but it does happen.  Sometimes the skills and attributes of a particular Soul, acquired through the sum of all of its experiences in all of its lives, would be perfect for some other task and that Soul is 'resurrected' for the job.

A similar and also amazing thing is that an Over-Soul can create a new Soul that is a blend of all the skills and attributes of two or more prior Souls (that it had spawned and that reintegrated with it).   It can create a new Soul that is a blend of skills capabilities and attributes of a bunch of prior existing Souls for a specific task. Hard to imagine what the Over-Soul is up to.   Believe me, there's a lot more going on than you can imagine.

Question #3

Here's the readers third question.

What if a Soul after incarnation does not want to incarnate anymore?  Are there any other options of what a Soul can do in the afterlife or whatever?

Since a Soul is an aspect of its Over-Soul, there is a very cooperative arrangement between them.  Generally, their goals and purposes are aligned.   The Soul is a sub-thread of its Over-Souls consciousness, and the Over-Soul specifically created it.  It is a part of itself for a specific task or experience.  So you can imagine that there may rarely be any disagreement or misalignment between a Soul and its Over-Soul.  But I imagine that an Over-Soul would honor the wishes of one of its Souls, one of the parts of itself, because that's what a loving wise compassionate conscious would do.

There are more than a few misconceptions about the 'afterlife' that I have to discuss to answer or address the questions of this reader fully.  Although there is a level of reality that can be used as an environment for the Soul to review an incarnation just completed to regroup and to plan its next incarnation.  That reality is just a staging area for these 'inter-life' activities that I just mentioned.

When a Soul has completed its series of lives or incarnations in this reality or whatever reality it's incarnating into it reintegrates with its Over-Soul which is just pure formless non-physical consciousness.    The reality that we pass over to is actually a temporary staging area,  an inter-life reality that allows us to do the review and the planning and preparation for the next life.  It isn't the final reality — it's just a staging area.  There are many realities and levels of reality.  There isn't just this reality and the afterlife reality.   It is far more complex than most of us have ever imagined.    I may have discussed some of this in some of my other articles, but I'll be exploring this further in future articles.

But I need to mention something that I didn't mention in the last thing I said which is that there are actually two options for a Soul that's returning to its Over-Soul.  The normal option is for reintegration where the Soul thread completely dissolves and merges with its Over-Soul.  But there's another option that might be called partial reintegration.  It's pretty much the same thing as full integration except that the sub-thread of consciousness that is the Soul is not dissolved.  It continues to exist within the consciousness of its Over-Soul but is not engaging in any more incarnations and so is not experiencing any reality it is simply a part of the Over-Soul's consciousness.

If the Over-Soul is directly experiencing a higher level of reality (yes, this is possible) the thread of consciousness within itself (the Soul) may be aware of those experiences — I'm not sure about that.  But essentially, the partially reintegrated thread of consciousness would simply be inside of its Over-Souls consciousness, ready for some new duty at some future time.  The reason why partial reintegration would be used is well beyond the scope of this conversation, so let's leave it at that.

Question #4

After I shared my thoughts about this readers questions, she came back and asked further questions which I'm going to answer right now. So her next question was...

Why can't Source spawn and manage Souls directly?  Why does it need helpers?

She wanted more clarification about my earlier answer and what I told her was that one way to think about the sub-threads of Source that spawn and managed Souls, which is typically the Over-Soul level, is that THEY ARE Source.   The Over-Soul level sub-threads of Source consciousness are Source!   Remember Source is a multi-threaded multi-level composite consciousness — there is an entire family tree of parent and child  threads of Source consciousness but every single one of those threads is Source consciousness!   It's just a strategy to multitask, to be able to be doing a lot of stuff at the same time.

Source is creating a multitude of realities and then experiencing them.  There are trillions of threads of itself that are engaged in creating and maintaining realities.  And there are trillions of threads of itself that are playing the roles, are incarnated and immersed in the experience of all these realities.   And it's all Source.  It's just a strategy to do a lot of things at once.  This is how it multitasks and it's just the way it works.


So that's it for today, that's my perspective on these topics — as always, take what resonates and leave the rest.  If you have any thoughts or comments or other ideas regarding this question I'd love to hear them.  You can share them in the comments below or feel free to e-mail me if you want to discuss something more personally.