Hello everyone, here's another one of my manifestation experiences. As always, I share these stories in the hope that they'll help you understand and master the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation and allow you to create more wonderful in your life. So without further ado, let's dive into the story.

Searching for My Dream Van

I've been dreaming about getting an adventure travel van for the past couple of years, and this past spring, I decided that it was time to buy one and get started traveling. I call it a "adventure travel van" because this type of van is designed for active outdoor adventurers, people who want to do things like mountain biking, skiing, climbing, hiking, etc. This type of van has a lot of gear storage space and other features suited for this kind of user, often including four-wheel drive so people can reliably get to the rugged places they love to play in, both in the summer and winter.

So I started visiting van dealers near where I live, and to my dismay, I quickly discovered that this type of van is not sold everywhere. In my case, the nearest dealer was over 6 hours away, so I was forced to take a long drive to get a first-hand look at the top three adventure vans on my list. After looking over all three vans, one of the van brands/models stood out as meeting my needs way better than the others.  

The only problem was there was a 12-month waiting list. The manufacturer just couldn't keep up with demand. I called a bunch of other dealers all over the country, and the story was the same; 12 month+ waiting times. But I wanted to get started traveling THIS summer! Not next! One of the other vans was available immediately, but it simply didn't have the features I wanted.

My Bad Mindset

So I went home empty-handed and more than a bit frustrated. When I arrived home, I started thinking about whether I was applying the principles and best practices of Deliberate Creation to manifesting this travel van that I wanted. My answer was NO; the first thing I realized was that I was frustrated, which is not a good sign. The emotion of frustration indicates a state of mind not conducive to coherent powerful manifestation of your true desires. Frustration is a sure sign that I was likely focusing on the lack of the van and the apparent difficulty of getting one, which is a surefire way of NOT manifesting the van.

So I decided I needed to stop thinking about the van, relax, and let my mind clear. I also reminded myself that because we create our reality with our thoughts, anything is possible if you get your mindset right.

So after relaxing for a few days and adjusting my mindset, I decided to take the next logical action step but do it in a more relaxed and confident "that I could manifest whatever I set my mind" to manner.   And obviously, the next step was to see if any used vans were available. I really wanted a new van, but they just weren't available. So I visited some national RV trading websites and searched for a used one. And I found surprisingly few (only two in the entire country the first time I looked), and the asking prices were ridiculously high, way more than the price of a brand new van!

Rather than getting more frustrated, I reminded myself that the perfect van deal would appear if I stayed positive and didn't buy into the belief that it would be hard. All I had to do was to maintain a clear, strong desire and vision of what I wanted and be patient.

The Opportunity Appears

My patience wasn't tested too much, because it was only a few days later when I got an email notification that a couple of used vans matching my search criteria had become available. One of them stood out like a sore thumb - it  was essentially brand new (a year old but never used with a mere 143 miles on it) and was extremely reasonably priced compared to most of the others ($10-20k less than others that had 10-20k more miles on them!) Almost too good to be true – the model I wanted, essentially new, and reasonably priced – this had to be the one, this was my manifestation! So I immediately jumped on it and contacted the seller.

When the seller responded to my inquiry, he told me that over 30 people had contacted him within a very short time after posting the ad, but I was the first, so he was giving me first dibs. Wonderful! What a lucky break ;)  I was only checking my mail once a day, so the timing of receiving and responding to this opportunity was perfect and magical… 30+ inquiries within hours of the seller posting his ad, and I just happened to be the very first one to respond … that's really lucky … but of course, it's not luck… it's manifestation! I manifested the entire opportunity! I wanted a specific van and I found one, I wanted a new one and I got a used one that was essentially new, and I didn't want to pay a ridiculous high price and I got a reasonable price substantially less than the average asking price.

The Universe Rolls Out The Red Carpet

But that's not all; it gets better. Even though I had to travel more than halfway across the country to close the deal, pick up my van, and drive it back home, the Universe made that go about as wonderfully as I could have hoped. It was like the Universe was rolling out the red carpet to make this whole deal as easy as possible for me.

So the grand finale of this story is that I sent the seller a down payment and booked a flight to the east coast to get the van. Then the seller offers to book a free room for me in a local hotel near the airport (that he is part owner of) - thank you very much. Then the seller picks me up at the hotel in the morning and brings me to his house where the van is - no paying for an Uber or anything like that. Then I end up spending most of that beautiful spring morning at the seller's waterfront mansion, relaxing and swimming in his pool, and he even takes me out to lunch. And if that wasn't enough, all my concerns about how to do all the paperwork legal stuff for the car sale were completely dispelled because the seller just happens to own a car dealership so he knows the whole official paperwork process for the sale and I don't have to worry about a thing. And last but not least, when I called my bank and requested the wire transfer of the balance of the sale price be sent to his bank it was completed faster than either of us had ever seen.

Smooth sailing the whole way! It really doesn't get any better than that! This is what I call a "best-case" manifestation outcome, and I assure you that when you are experiencing best case outcome's on a regular basis, like I am, it's no accident. It's a sign of very coherent, powerful deliberate creation! I experience smooth sailing like this very frequently, and so can you, once you understand and master the principles and practices of Deliberate Creation and get the Law of Attraction working for you rather than against you.

So that's my story for today. Stay tuned for my upcoming manifestation stories because I've got some more great examples of manifesting best-case outcomes, which I think you will find interesting and instructive.

See you in the next story,