Hello everyone.  This story is about how I manifested one of the most dreaded experiences that any Uber or Lyft driver can have — a passenger who is nauseous and vomiting!   I'm a part-time Uber and Lyft driver, and I'm sure that this is something that all of my fellow drivers would prefer to avoid like the plague.  

Unfortunately, I recently managed to inadvertently manifest just such a nauseous passenger.   Not only is the way that the manifestation appeared quite amusing and surprising, but it also provides a very instructive example of miscreation — that is, of inadvertent or unintentional creation.   Studying your own or others miscreations is a great tool to learn about how the Law of Attraction works.   It also provides plenty of motivation to master deliberate creation because miscreations are often unpleasant — to say the least.

One of the things that was so surprising about this manifestation was how fast it appeared.   What was even more surprising was that it appeared at all.   But after some reflection about the precursors to the manifestation, it became apparent to me why I had manifested the experience, and it poignantly illustrated several key elements of powerful manifestation.   So without further ado, let's dive into the story.

The Dreaded Barfing Uber Passenger

A couple of months ago (back in Aug 2019), I was waiting in the airport Uber and Lyft queue to pick up an arriving passenger.  But because it was going to be a while before the next bunch of planes arrived, I decided to have a chat with one of my fellow Uber drivers to pass the time.  At some point in our conversation, my co-worker asked me if I've ever had a vomiting passenger in my car.  I told him “No never” — in the two years that I've been Uber and Lyft driving, I've never had anyone in my car who was nauseous — thank you very much.

At that point, my co-worker proceeded to tell me the story of his most interesting 'Barfing Passenger' experience.   A story that I will partially recount here because it is an important precursor to my manifesting something similar.

My Co-workers Barfing Passenger Experience

So, my co-worker's story starts with him picking up a passenger that he described as a 'super hot babe' (hey, those are his words not mine). I think this is why this is his favorite 'Barfing passenger' story (but what do I know). Anyway, he picked up this passenger early in the morning after she had had a big night of partying and drinking and she was very badly hungover. Her destination was her home, and her home was in another town over two-hours away. This is probably another reason why this is one of his favorite stories because a long ride means a big fare — and every driver loves a big fare!

In any case, he had some amusing conversations with his passenger on that long ride, and he shared many of them with me as he told his story.  Most of his very long 10 minute plus story is completely irrelevant to the point of my manifestation story here so I will skip most of it.   The most pertinent thing about his story was that his passenger was nauseous, and he had to stop and let her out of the car to vomit many times — like just about every 20 minutes for most of the 2-hour long ride.

He was a very good storyteller and he told his story in a very animated, engaging, and amusing way so I was listening quite intently and became deeply absorbed into the story.  As I listened, I vividly imagined and visualized the whole thing in my mind. I didn't realize that I was doing this while I was listening but in hindsight it was clear that I did.  This vivid imagining is pertinent to the rest of my story, so hold that thought.

Manifesting a Barfing Passenger of My Own

So, after my co-worker finished telling me his story, we both got passengers from the incoming flights, and off we went.  I continued Uber driving for the rest of the day, and a couple of hours later, I was back at the airport waiting for another passenger.  I hadn't been waiting very long when my Uber driver app announced with a loud 'Ding' that I had a ride.

So, I immediately headed over to Arrivals and picked up my rider, a young man who didn't look very happy.  At first, he said he was 'sick', but then he admitted that he was hungover from partying hard just before catching his flight.  And here's the kicker, guess what happened on the 20-minute drive to his destination?  Yep, you guessed it, I had to stop three times to let him out of the car as he vomited on the ground.  Thankfully he didn't vomit in my car!  That's probably the most dreaded scenario of all.

What a coincidence!  I haven't had a single vomiting passenger in the entire two years that I've been Uber driving, and then less than two hours after listening to my co-worker's epic 'barfing passenger' story I experience my first barfing passenger.  To dismiss this as mere coincidence you'd have to be completely unaware of the Law of Attraction.  This is no coincidence, this is a poignant example of manifestation, of creation.  And of course, in this case, it's an example of miscreation — of inadvertent, unintentional creation — the opposite of what we should be shooting for, which is DELIBERATE creation.

Why Did I Manifest This?

So the big 64-dollar question is — why did I manifest this undesired experience?  I had no desire to have a vomiting passenger in my car, but I got one anyway.  And it probably wasn't because I had been worrying about this possibility for a while because, even though I've heard several drivers over the years tell me there stories and fears about this kind of scenario, I know that I am creating my reality with my thoughts and expectations and more.  So I  know better than to focus on what I don't want.

And even as my co-worker was telling his story I wasn't worried, and for the same reason I mentioned above.   Whenever you focus on something you don't want by constantly worrying about it and fearing it, the more likely it becomes that you might actually experience that very thing.  I'm imminently aware of this, so I was relatively detached and free of concern or fear about experiencing something similar.

So, I was quite surprised when I did manifest something similar.  And it was startling how quickly it arrived — not the next week, not the next day, but within hours of listening to that story.  So, what the heck happened? Why did I manifest this?

Well, after reflecting on the whole experience for a while, it became pretty obvious why listening to my co-worker's 'barfing passenger' story created such a powerful point of attraction.  First of all, the story was told in a very engaging and amusing fashion that I listened to very intently — I was extremely focused on the subject of the story.  Secondly, the story was long, 10 or more minutes long, so I was focused on the subject for a really long time.  And by the Law of Attraction, what you give your attention to, and for how long, are two of the most important elements that determine your point of attraction.

In hindsight, I realized that I didn't just intently listen to the story; I was vividly imagining and visualizing it (and even feeling the emotions), which of course, are some of the standard techniques for powerfully manifesting.  Add to all of this, perhaps a little bit of fear (or worry) about having something like this happen to me (fear is a powerful attractor), and then it's not at all surprising that I so powerfully and quickly manifested a vomiting passenger of my own.

The Takeaway

This manifestation story is very instructive because it clearly demonstrates the power of sustained focus on a particular subject as well as the power of imagination and visualization.  It also demonstrates how careful you have to be to what you give your attention to.  You don't just manifest what you desire.  You manifest your most predominant thoughts and whatever you give a lot of your attention to — whether you desire it or not.  That's why worry and fear are so miscreative, they make you think frequently about things you don't really want, don't really desire.

Imagine what a powerful deliberate creator you would be if you could just make up a story of what it is you want to experience, what you desire, and then just vividly imagine it.  And then magically circumstances, people, events, etc arrive that facilitate or deliver the manifestation of what you imagined.  This is what is possible if you master deliberate creation.

The fact that this story is an example of powerful miscreation is also very instructive.  It's so important to understand how creation is a double-edged sword and that if you aren't applying the techniques of creation deliberately and intentionally you often will be manifesting stuff that you don't want.

So that's it, I hope you found it interesting and helpful, see you in the next story!