Hello everyone, this story of how I manifested a beautiful country mountain cabin apartment is one of the most magical experiences I've had, and it serves as a poignant example of many deliberate creation practices.

Manifesting a Beautiful Country Mountain Cabin

About a year ago, I was living in a cozy basement apartment in ranch country outside of Bozeman Montana. And then I went and did something a bit stupid which offended my landlord greatly, and she decided to kick me out.  She slipped an eviction notice under my door and gave me 30 days to leave, and I had to look for a new apartment.

I sort of panicked because it's tough to find an apartment in this town. There are tons of people moving here, and there are far too many people vying for every available apartment.  Very competitive.  Every time I've looked for a new place, it took me five or six weeks to find a new home.  And since I got kicked out of my apartment that might make it a lot harder to find a new place because most renters want to have references for the prior places you lived.  So I was worried that it might be very difficult or nearly impossible to find a new place and was wondering what I was going to do.

So after about a day or so of worrying I caught myself and said What the heck are you doing? you're a powerful creator and you are creating your reality absolutely without exception and anything that you can imagine and believe can come to pass.  And so the problem was I had this belief that not having a reference or having a bad reference from my last apartment was a guarantee that it was going to make it difficult to find another place. So this was my number one problem.  If I kept thinking that way I was definitely going to manifest difficulty in finding another place.

Setting My Intentions, Desires, and Letting the Universe Know

So I decided to just relax for a day or two.  And then put my mind to deliberately creating the results I wanted.  I knew there was two things I had to do.  I had to dispel my belief that this circumstance was really a handicap, and that it would make it difficult to find a new place.  I also had to stop focusing on the problem and start imagining and focusing on what I wanted — what kind of new place I was looking for.  So that evening when I was on my walk under the stars near my place, that I do almost every evening, I shouted out to the universe something like this.

This belief and fear that I have that being evicted from my last apartment is a handicap that's going to make it more difficult to find a new place is just a bullshit.  I am creating my reality with my thoughts and beliefs, I know that, and I know that anything that I can imagine and believe can come to pass.  So this belief is bullshit.  And here's what I'm looking for in a new place.  I'm looking for a cozy country apartment preferably with a walk in a field far from the lights so I can see the stars at night.  Or maybe a walk in the woods nearby so that I can take my walks in nature and commune with the universe on a regular basis.  And at a reasonable price.

I shouted all this out to the universe.  And on the next two or three nights that I took walks, I shouted out the same thing to the universe.  So after I got done with that I decided to relax for a while and just kind of let that message go out into the Quantum field and start attracting my desired outcome and just totally not think about any of it and just relax.  So for about a week I just did nothing.   I didn't start my apartment search — which took a lot of faith and trust because I only had four weeks, if I use one just sitting there doing nothing I only have three weeks left.  

So after I relaxed for a week I said okay I guess a better start actually looking for an apartment.  I actually needed to do something to let the universe know that I'm serious.  And in the next week, I went to see four or five apartments.  None of them were anywhere near what I really was looking for.  And even though I took the applications and I was intending to fill them out and hand them in just to let the universe know that I meant business, I never did.  Ya, these apartments weren't really what I wanted, but to be honest, I was just scared to fill them out out because I didn't know what I was going to do with the question about my last apartment — I hadn't quite made a decision as to whether I was going to leave my previous apartment out, and have a big blank spot in my residence history, or was I going to lie, or I was going to tell the truth.  So I was just afraid and didn't know what I was going to do so I didn't fill out any of the applications.

On the second week, a fairly decent apartment showed up.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted it wasn't my dream apartment, but it would suffice just fine. It was a really decent place.  And the synchronicities involved in that showing up were quite amusing, but I won't get into it because it's kind of off the main point of the story.  Anyway, I went and looked at the apartment and it looked pretty good so I took the application form and I went home.  But when I got home I just dragged my feet for the rest of the afternoon because I still was afraid to fill out the form because I still hadn't decided how I was going to handle the last apartment question.

That evening I went to town and I parked my car and went into a store and when I came out and got in my car there right in front of me was a car with a license plate that said 'TRUST.'   I laughed out loud because I knew it was a sign from the universe, from my guides, from my higher self and they were saying that all I had to do was trust and take that action — all I had to do was fill out an application!  I hadn't filled out an application yet!

The Magical Moment

So when I got home I said to myself okay I'm going to fill out the application and I'm going to just tell the truth.  I'm going to tell the story of what happened and how I got kicked out and I'm just going to trust and I'm just going to let the chips fall where they may. So I filled out the application forms, scanned them, and emailed them off to the landlord.  And as soon as I pressed the send button the thought popped into my head You should check the Craigslist apartment listings again.  I don't know where this thought came from because I didn't want to do anything, I was stressed out, and I just wanted to relax for a day and not think about any of it.

But I really trust my intuition so whenever a potentially important thought comes to me from wherever I just follow it.  So I said out loud to myself (and the universe) Okay, I'll check the Craigslist apartment listings even though I didn't want to.

So I pull up Craigslist, pull up the apartment listing and the very the very first item in the listing is this picture of this beautiful country cabin and my jaw drops and I'm thinking Wow that's beautiful that's exactly what I was hoping for.  It looked like the place of my dreams and as I was looking at it and I'm thinking Why does that look familiar to me? and I scratched my head and thought about it and then I realized that it was the place that one of my best friends in town had rented for the last seven years and the landlords loved him.

And then I knew that this was it, the universe was delivering my dream apartment to me.   There wasn't going to be any issue with the references because, once the renters know I'm friends with the renter they loved they're not going to ask me a single question and I'm not going to have to fill out anything or answer any questions about my prior apartment — it's going to be mine no questions asked!   This is it!   This is my manifestation!

I knew I had better move fast and I got on the phone called the people right away, and they said Can you come over right now? and I said Heck ya!   So I arrive, and I knock on the landlords' door, and she comes out and we start chatting, and I tell her I don't really need to see the place because I've visited quite a few times because my best friend used to rent it.   But we go over to look at the place we go anyway, which is right next door.

On the way over there she's telling me I just listed this apartment this morning.   I've had like four or five people come and look at it before you. But for some reason none of them wanted the place, none of them said they wanted it..    Which of course, is crazy because its an incredible place for a very reasonable price — there's no way anyone wouldn't want it.  I just smiled and thought to myself Ya, of course, nobody else wanted it, it's reserved for me!   And she says Well do you want it? and I said Heck ya I want it! It's my dream place!

So we go back to her place and they don't ask me a single question and there's no paperwork.  I already have the check in my hand, I came their with a blank check.  I just give them the check and they give me the key, no questions asked, no paperwork, no nothing.

And I manifested everything I had imagined!  Remember I asked the universe for a cozy country apartment preferably with a walk in a field or the woods nearby.  I didn't just get the field OR the woods, I got the field AND the woods! And everything else about this place was just about the perfect match to what I had been envisioning!  And at a very reasonable price just like I had requested! And another amazing thing is I got some other stuff that I forgot I even wanted that I didn't shout out to the universe because I forgot I was looking for it.  So I got everything I asked for and more.  It was an almost perfect match!

The Take Away

Do you guys see the magic in this?  Do you guys see the operative principles of deliberate creation that were employed in this story?

This story poignantly illustrates a number of key deliberate creation practices.  Number one, I released the beliefs that would conflict with the manifestation of my desire.  Number two, I passionately affirmed exactly what it was that I wanted.  And number three, this story illustrates the important role of action and trust in manifesting your desires.

That's it!  See you in the next story,