Hello everyone, this is Jeff at Divine Cosmos.  Welcome to the next installment in my questions & answers series.  I've been receiving quite a few questions from readers and followers lately. And today I'm going to share my perspective on one of the more recent ones from a reader named Michael.

Michael asks two related questions, (1) Does each soul, each aspect of Source, share the same now moment, or does each aspect/soul have its own now moment?, and (2) Are the Akashic records static or changing through feedback?

Those are excellent questions that I don't think I've specifically talked about in my articles. So, let's dive in.

The Now Moment

As far as the single or multiple now moments go, all the sub-threads or aspects of Source Consciousness actually share the same 'now' moment.   There is ultimately only one now moment, even though it appears that each aspect of Sources Consciousness is having or is in its own now moment within the reality construct that each is perceiving and experiencing.   This is an illusion, all realities are happening simultaneously, and all experiences within those realities are happening simultaneously.   If you haven't read my article, The Illusion of Time and Space, you should check it out because it explains how the experience of reality is created within Source Consciousness..

Note that I said 'the experience of',  what I'm alluding to here is that reality is NOT REAL in the ordinary sense that we use that word.  It's an illusion created within consciousness.  Ultimately there is only consciousness, and the experience of reality, any reality, is actually an illusion created within consciousness, very much like a virtual reality on our computers.   You are an aspect of Source Consciousness, having a purely perceptual experience within your consciousness that you call your reality — a very sophisticated virtual reality indeed.  Even though this reality is a symbolic construct and not real in the normal sense of the word. The experiences are very much real because they are formative to your consciousness. This is why I often say...

Reality is imaginary, but the experiences are real.

One of the interesting consequences of the fact that all aspects of source consciousness are sharing the same one now moment is that any aspect of source consciousness can communicate with any other aspect of source consciousness, regardless of whether they are engaged in experiencing a reality or not.  And regardless of what timeframe they appear to be experiencing within a given reality.  

Of course, communicating with other aspects or threads of source consciousness takes some training and practice to master.   And of course, that communication happens directly through consciousness. As a hint, meditation really helps to perfect your ability to connect to other aspects of source consciousness through your consciousness.  But that's a whole different topic, which isn't something I'm going to get into now.

The Akashic Records

Regarding whether the Akashic records are static or changing, since by definition the Akashic Records are the recordings of each individual aspect's experiences within a particular reality, then these records are static.  They are simply recordings of what happened that are available for review as needed by you, your higher-self, and your guides.   Which often happens in our post-life review.

But there is another set of information that is dynamic, related to the Akashic Records, that is fundamental to the process that generates the virtual realities.   We might call this the Probable Futures Database because it includes all the timelines yet to be experienced, including every possible/probable variation on what might be chosen (or selected) by the players of the game (the participants in the reality).  It's a massive branching information structure representing just about anything you could choose to experience! You (your consciousness), is, in fact, is walking through the frames in this database step-by-step, moment by moment, creating the movie that you call your reality.

This information in this database is mostly pre-computed by the many aspects of source consciousness responsible for generating realities.  But it is constantly being updated to reflect new emergent possibilities and probabilities. Although much of the structure remains largely the same, new branches are sprouting, or old branches are being trimmed at the finer scales.  And of course, as your consciousness travels a path through this structure, that is your manifest timeline, your manifest reality.  And the part of your timeline that becomes the past (i.e., that you experienced) is stored in the Akashic Records.  That's how it works.


Well, that's it for my answer today. If you guys have any questions or comments, please share them in the comments section

See you in the next Q & A!