Hello everyone. This is Jeff at the Deliberate Creator Academy. Welcome to another one of my manifestation stories. This story is about how a friend of mine manifested a new home with a little coaching from myself.

The story begins with my friend Elizabeth, calling me to tell me about the unexpected loss of her apartment and to ask my advice on how to best manifest a new place. She'd been following my Law of Attraction articles and manifestation stories on my website Divine Cosmos  and respected my deliberate creation knowledge. So she was hoping I could help her.

Unexpectedly Losing Her Apartment

As our conversation began, she told me that she had been unexpectedly asked to leave her current place for no apparent reason. They gave her two months to vacate, which seemed like a reasonable amount of time to find a new place, but Elizabeth was still quite worried.

She anxiously told me about the few options she had and was festering on how she was going to find a new place. She was clearly worried and somewhat fearful about it, and she was over focusing on how it could happen, all of which are classic impediments  to powerful, coherent manifesting. Of course what she wanted to find was a nice place that met the needs and desires of her and her daughter, and preferably at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time, I suppose.

She had one option that involved a home that her boyfriend owned, but that was occupied by difficult tenants that were refusing to leave. This difficult situation had most of her attention and was distracting her from getting her mind focused on the right stuff to easily manifest a new place.

Coaching Elizabeth

After listening to her situation and concerns and worries, I coached her on what she needed to do to manifest the best possible outcome. What I told her was, number one, she needed to neutralize her worries, fears, and limiting beliefs associated with her situation. When trying to manifest your way out of a challenging situation, one's worries and fears and associated limiting beliefs are usually what makes it impossible to manifest a best case outcome. They block you from creating a coherent point of attraction for the outcome that you desire.

I told her if she could identify and neutralize any worries, fears, and limiting beliefs associated with this situation, it would help her immensely. And I gave her some hints on how to go about this. I won't get into the details of this here, but to learn more, check out my lesson Best Practice - Neutralizing Worries, Fears, and Limiting Beliefs.

The second thing I advised Elizabeth about was to stop focusing on HOW her new place would manifest. It's a bit counterintuitive to a logical rational 3D mind that isn't familiar with the nuances of the law of attraction, but you don't need to know how it will happen. If you wanna learn more about this, check out the lesson Best Practice - Avoiding the Cursed How's.

I also suggested to her that she didn't need to get overly specific about the new place she wanted. The rule of thumb here is to state your desire only as specifically as it's really important to you. Which sort of means keeping it as general as you can while still being specific as you need to be where it matters to you. In her case, the statement of her desire when something like this.

I'm looking for a quiet, peaceful, safe place in a natural setting, preferably with some trees and water nearby, that's big enough to be comfortable for myself and my daughter and my boyfriend.

I suggested that she write her statement of desire down on a piece of paper as a list and post it on her refrigerator or her wall or her door, and then recite it two or three times over the course of the coming week, and to do so with as much emotion and passion as she could muster while imagining herself in such a new place, loving every minute of it.

I also suggested that after this first week of stating her desire and imagining the new place she wanted, that she should stop, relax, and trust that what she wanted was on its way.

Of course, I suggested that she should go through the motions of a typical apartment search by the usual means, after all, taking action congruent with a desire, however small, powerfully amplifies your point of attraction, and it is another element of powerful deliberate creation that should always be applied.

In addition, I reminded her to do the apartment search in a relaxed fashion with no worries and the knowing and trust that something would show up. With that, I wished her good luck and bid her farewell and waited patiently to hear from her about her results.

Her New Home Opportunity Appears

Two or three weeks later, I got a call from her,  and she recounted to me what had happened. She was very happy to report that she had found a wonderful apartment that matched just about everything she had wanted. The really interesting part was the unexpected and magical way that the universe made it happen. She didn't find the place due to her apartment search. Her new place arrived entirely by serendipity and it involved following her intuitive guidance. Here's what happened.

One evening, Elizabeth was at home doing some chores and an idea popped into her head  "Call your old friend Barbara."  She hadn't thought about or spoken to Barbara for a couple of years at least, so the idea was kind of out of left field , and there was no indication that it had anything to do with finding a new place. She was a bit surprised by the curious suggestion and said out loud to herself "Why should I call Barbara?" and then promptly got distracted by her chores and forgot completely about it. But the next morning as she was preparing breakfast, "Call your old friend Barbara." popped into her head again, loud and clear, and she knew that she shouldn't ignore it again, so she promptly called her old friend on the phone.

After a bit of catching up and before Elizabeth even mentioned she was looking for a new place, her friend mentioned that she was moving out of her place shortly. And to Elizabeth's delight, her friend's place matched just about everything she wanted in a new place. And with her friend's recommendation, she secured her friend's place in a very timely fashion. Boom! Manifestation, complete, and in a way that she might never have expected. You've gotta love it!

This story nicely illuminates a bunch of different techniques of deliberate creation, but perhaps the most interesting and important lesson of this story is how intuition played a pivotal role in bringing her manifestation to fruition. The Law of Attraction doesn't just attract the thing or circumstance you want. It also attracts people, events, circumstances, and information that will facilitate your manifestation. And some of that information will come as inspired ideas or what has been called intuitive guidance. The universe often will send key information directly to your mind that will help you manifest your desire. Paying attention for and following your intuitive guidance is one of the best practices of deliberate creation that will take you one step closer to becoming a master deliberate creator.  

So that's it for this story, guys. If you'd like to learn more about some of the topics that I alluded to in this story, you'll find links to them in the related content section below.

I hope you found the story helpful. See you in the next story.