Hello everyone, I wanted to explain why I'm sharing my spirit communication stories. It's not because I have any special powers or abilities that I want to brag about. Everyone can connect and communicate with spirit (non-physical) beings.

The reason I'm sharing my stories of communicating with spirit is to illustrate how communicating with spirit works and what is possible. My belief is that with real-world first-hand examples might be very helpful. My hope is that sharing these stories might encourage people to make or improve their connection with their spirit guides and reap the benefits of communicating with them.

Of course, connecting and communicating with spirit is not limited to your guides,  it includes your higher-self,  other non-physical beings, deceased relatives, and more. They would all be delighted to connect with you and assist you in whatever ways they are can. They want you to grow, expand, and evolve, and enjoy yourself as much as you can in the process.

Hope you enjoy my stories,