A reader recently left this short but touching story as a comment on one of my articles and it seemed like a good one to feature as an Awakening Story. So here it is courtesy of Andrew. — Enjoy, Jeff

I always felt like a victim, and that life was pointless, throughout childhood, teens, and well into adulthood. I was always a nice person, and I had many talents, but I was incredibly shy and never could share them with anyone.

Then when I was 40, I got really sick, and unbelievably to me, I began getting transmissions coming through telepathically as well as written into my consciousness, in various languages that I didn't speak, including Sanskrit, German, and Egyptian. I also got teachings from books I hadn't ever read, like the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. Now, 18 months later, I've had about 50 of these transmissions, and the overarching theme is this, and I quote: "You chose this, all of this, every last bit of it, to learn lessons. You are the creator of this construct, you have woven this tapestry. You are the architect. And you did it all to learn lessons."

In no uncertain terms has their ever been a transmission that says I was forced into this, or that I didn't choose it. Over and over again, it is clear: "I chose this, all of it."

Without these transmissions, my disbelieving mind would never have thought that this world had any reason to it — after all, how could it be? It's a world seemingly messed up and without reason — with good people dying in the streets, and bad people getting rich and running countries. It makes no sense whatsovever, when I look at the world as completely chance and without reason.

But... When I look at it from the Truth, which is that each individual chose their particular circumstances, including myself, and they were not forced into it, but rather chose it from their own Free Will, it makes complete sense to me.

And thank goodness. I spent 40 years believing in a world that had no point, without reason, and I was suicidal the whole time. Now I'm not. I've seen the Truth, and it has freed me from this self-defeating belief.

Andrew @ DreamsVisionsDownloads.wordpress.com