Hello everyone, this is Jeff at the Deliberate Creator Academy. Welcome to another one of my manifestation stories, let's dive in.

In Need of a New Computer

Recently I decided I needed to replace my old and slow computer. And I decided I'd sell some stuff I wan't using and didn't need anymore to raise the money for the purchase. So I looked around the house and garage and I found some things to sacrifice and took some pictures of them so I could post them online for sale.

But before I got around to posting them, I had to take my car to the dealership for a recall repair on it's airbag. After dropping off my car I took the dealerships complimentary shuttle back home. Later when they finished the work, I hailed an Uber to take me back to the dealership.

Bring on the Synchronicities

When the Uber picked me up, I started chatting with the driver, and an interesting synchronicity occured - he knew all about my airbag recall and how to fix it. It turned out that he'd done many of those repairs at another job he had had. A curious coincidence indeed - what's are the chances that a random Uber driver would be an expert on the thing that was just happening with my car? This got my attention and put me on alert for other, perhaps meaningful or useful, synchronicities.

In any case, we continued chatting and I asked him how he liked driving for Uber. As a part of his responce, he mentioned that he was gearing up for the winter season and he was really excited about driving people to the ski areas (because those rides fetch hefty fares). And he mentioned that he needed to get a ski rack so that he could do that. Which made me remember and mention that I had driven for Uber in the past and had bought a ski rack for exactly the same reason.

And then I realized that I wasn't using that ski rack anymore and didn't need it! This was a perfect opportunity to sell it. What a delightful and convenient coincidence prompting me to discover something new I could sell and providing a buyer at the same time! You've got to love it!

Seizing the Manifested Opportunity

So I offered the ski rack to him, and a little later he called me and he came over and to make that the rack would fit on his car. Which is reasonable, because there are a lot of different cars and and racks. But since we co-created and manifested our intersection just so we could exchange the ski rack, there was no doubt in my mind that it would fit his car perfectly. Which of course it did! Needless to say, we were both very happy - he got a ski rack at a very reasonable price and I was well on my way to collecting the money I needed for my new computer!

The Take-Aways

So here are some of the noteworthy things about this story. This story illustrates spontaneous creation rather than deliberate creation. I wasn't deliberately trying to manifest the sale of my ski rack (because I didn't even remember I had it). I just had a general desire to sell some stuff that I didn't need. Of course, you're spontaneously manifesting all the time, but until now you might not have been aware of it, and far to often you may have been manifesting your worries and fears rather than your true desires.

This story is also a great illustration of co-creation. Co-creation is when you have a desire for something, and there's another person out there with a complimentary desire, and together you manifest the situation that fulfills both of your desires. The universe isn't just trying to satisfy your desires, it's trying to satisfy everyone desires. And sometimes the easiest way to do that is to bring people with complimentary desires together.

And last but not least, this story is a great example of how synchronicity is the fingerprint of manifestation. Pay attention to the synchronicities appearing in your life because they are often pivotal to the fulfillment of your desires and important to building confidence in your creatorship, and thereby becoming a more  capable creator.

So that's it. I hope you found this story helpful. See you in the next story.