Hello everyone, Welcome to my manifestation stories series. I just wanted to give you guys a brief introduction to what the series contains and why I'm doing it.

Most of the stories are from my direct personal experience. Others are from experiences of friends that I thought were particularly instructive while some of the stories are fairly impressive. Many of them are about the small stuff. Yet, I think that there's still something to learn from all that.

Listening to these stories is not going to convince anyone that the law of attraction is real, but that's not why I'm sharing them. I'm sharing them because I think real world practical examples are going to be very helpful for anyone who's trying to learn and master the law of attraction and deliberate creator.

The only way anyone's ever going to overcome their doubt and skepticism about this subject is that they just decide to suspend their disbelief, to learn the principles and practices, and to just start experimenting and experience the results for themselves. And that's what I'm hoping that these examples and stories are going to do.

I'm hoping that they will encourage to dive in. So in each of the stories, besides telling the story, I'm going to point out the key principles and practices of deliberate creation that were involved. But I'm not going to get into explaining those principles in any level of detail, because what I'm going to do is I'm going to provide links (below the story) to  other content that I've created that explains those principles and practices. So I'm going to connect the dots, but I'm not going to overburden the stories.

So that's it. I hope you find the stories useful and helpful,