Quote by anonymous: Collect wonderful moments, not things.

From our soul's perspective, our obsession with things and our adoration of possessions is nearly meaningless. Your soul incarnated to have experiences that would evolve and expand its consciousness. And it was certainly hoping that it could create as much wonderful, exciting, beautiful experiences as possible.

Our soul understands that once we incarnate, our consciousness becomes survival-oriented and this can lead to hoarding stuff if we get the opportunity. Our soul also understands that we don't remember our true reason for having an earthly human experience (After all, the veil of forgetting is by design). So it doesn't judge us for wanting to collect as much wealth and possessions as possible.

You Can't Take The Stuff With You

But your soul knows all too well that you can't take the stuff with you when you pass over and that the whole point of incarnating is to grow and expand through experiences, not to collect things. So how much wealth and possessions you amassed in your time on earth doesn't count for much on the other side.

The only "stuff" you get to take with you to the other side are the memories of your experiences and what you have learned from them. When this truth sinks in it dramatically changes your perspective on what's important. And ultimately will lead you to focus solely on how to create beautiful moments for yourself and everyone around you.

So I wholeheartedly recommend that you create more beautiful experiences for yourself, and not focus as much on collecting things.