Quote by Lao Tzu: Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.

Going with the flow of life is a powerful way of being that is underappreciated and under-utilized. It involves accepting and allowing everything that happens. Which means you don't resist what is. You simply make the best of whatever appears. It also involves holding on loosely to your plans and expectations and being able to pivot to new circumstances and opportunities easily and quickly.

The opposite of going with the flow is trying to control and manage everything to get exactly what you want all the time is. A symptom of this is that when something doesn't go the way you hoped you're frustrated and you resist changing course. Rather than accepting what is and working with it, or happily changing course to the next best thing.

When you stop resisting and controlling and start going with the flow you'll be happier and more peaceful, and paradoxically things will magically begin to show up that will satisfy and delight you ... without having to force them to appear.

If you want to learn more about how to be in the flow according to Loa Tzu and Taoism check out the video below.

May the flow be with you!