Hello everyone, this is Jeff at Divine Cosmos, and this is another one of my spirit communication experiences. However, this story is more than just a spirit communication experience; it also involves a pivotal moment of personal transformation that I think makes this story even more interesting and instructive. As always, I share these stories in the hope that they will inspire you to connect, or deepen your connection, with your spirit guides and let them help and guide you to personal transformation and a better life. So without further ado, let's dive in.

My Dead-End Job

Back in November of 2019  (not long before COVID-19 struck), I was getting very bored with my job. It was relatively pleasant and low-stress but neither financially lucrative nor creatively stimulating. It had been sufficing for a while but was becoming increasingly unsatisfying. And in truth, the only reason I was tolerating it was because I had a deep-seated unworthiness issue that I hadn't resolved that was holding me back. But, of course, I wasn't admitting that to myself at the time. I was just drifting along, afraid to try anything else but not realizing it. But my inner-self (and my guides) knew that I was capable of so much more and knew I was avoiding facing my fears.

Asking for New Career Ideas

So one afternoon, while driving to town to do some shopping, my inner dissatisfaction with both my job and my avoidance of facing my fears reached critical mass and bubbled to the surface, and I shouted out to the Universe (and my spirit guides) something like this (yes I literally spoke this out loud)…

"Hey guys, I've tried to enjoy and make the best of this job, but I really would like to do something that earns more money and is more creative; I'm really getting bored of this. Got any ideas for a job that would be more satisfying and rewarding for me?"

Believe it or not, I routinely address my spirit guides with the informal "Hey guys" intro. This is a bit amusing because back when I first realized that there were spirit guides, this is how I spontaneously began addressing them before noticing how similar the phrase "hey guys" is to "hey guides," as in "spirit guides." 

In any case, this was the first time this had bubbled to the surface, and I hadn't given the possibilities the slightest thought. Still, regardless, I felt comfortable just asking anyway. Of course, your guide's reason for being is to help you wherever and whenever they can (as appropriate). So it never hurts to ask.

Now keep in mind that I had a big self-worth issue that had been limiting me for a long time, and I was on the cusp of a significant breakthrough in this regard. So some information and encouragement from my guides at this moment could potentially catalyze a personal transformation and catapult me to a new level of empowerment. And so my guides were ready and willing to jump on this chance to assist me. In fact, they had almost certainly been expecting and awaiting this very moment.

The Answer Appears

So they devised a means to deliver their answer to me that I would likely not miss or misunderstand — they sent me an email! And as soon as I got home from my shopping trip (and my shout-out to them), I opened my computer to check my email. And I found a curious and mysterious email at the top of the list with the subject line "Web development job opportunity."

Why was someone sending me a job opportunity, I thought? I hadn't been looking for a job for years, and I hadn't been a member of an online job board for even longer, and I definitely wasn't a member of the job board that this email came from! Duh, I had already forgotten that I just asked the Universe about a job, and I wasn't expecting the answer as an email!

So not yet realizing that this was my answer and curious about this seeming mystery, I clicked on the email to investigate further. It was a small business that wanted to improve its admittedly minimal and somewhat amateurish website. I looked at the website, and some very obvious and straightforward changes could be made that would improve the site significantly. So I thought, I could do that, I could help them with this. 

My Self-Worth Issue

Now what I haven't told you is that I used to be a software developer (a long time ago). And that I had washed out of that career for various reasons and decided I was no good at it. This was a big part of the unworthiness issue I had harbored for a long time. But even with my lingering self-doubt, this project was something I was not intimidated by and felt it perking my interest.

I was about to ignore the email and move on when the nagging oddity of it crystallized into the AHA moment... OH SHIT! THIS IS THE ANSWER to my question to my guides! This email was intended to remind me that I used to do this kind of work, and it was both financially lucrative and creatively stimulating, as I had asked! This email was a symbolic message from my guides, and they were essentially saying to me, "have you considered web/software development lately?".

They knew that I believed I was no good at it, but they also knew I had always loved it and that I was much better at it than my low self-esteem would allow me to believe. Since my spiritual awakening began in the spring of 2014, my lack of self-worth and disempowerment had been slowly diminishing, and I was ready to transcend the last of it. And at that moment of realizing the meaning of this answer from my guides, all my self-doubt, self-loathing, and lack of self-worth related to my career completely dissolved! 

The Universe had spoken with a specific suggestion and was also saying, "you are good enough; you can do this," so why should I doubt it or myself at all! So then I shouted out to my guides …

"Hmmm, I probably should have thought of this one myself guys, but I really appreciate the reminder and the encouragement. Thanks so much!"

The truth was that I might not have thought of it because of my deeply damaged self-esteem due to my experiences of perceived "failure" on this career path in the past. Yet I had always found it interesting and loved doing it, which is a really good sign, and if my guides were suggesting it then it had to work out — as long as I believed in myself!

The Pivotal Moment

This was a great pivotal moment for me and I couldn't contain my excitement, so I shouted-out to the Universe again  ...  

"I'm so over doubting myself, feeling unworthy, incapable, and scared! No more self-doubt, hesitation, and avoidance for me — I'm over it!"

This was the moment when I healed my old wounds, and my self-worth and I made a great leap forward in empowerment. And with that, I dove wholeheartedly into getting back into software development.

Further Communications

But this is not the end of the story; there's more that I think you will find interesting and that illuminates the various ways your guides can communicate with you to deliver answers, helpful information, and encouragement. So read on because it's pretty amazing.

Having gotten a definitive answer, I immediately and excitedly dove into thinking about my return to software development. My first conclusion was that it had to be web development (designing and building websites etc). This was an exploding market, and there was unlimited opportunity. My second conclusion was that I wanted to work for myself; I wanted the freedom to choose my own work, choose my own hours, and work from home.

So two questions were at the forefront; (1) how do I find freelancing work? And the general answer to that was membership in a freelancing marketplace on the Internet (thank god for the Internet), and (2) which website building/hosting platform should I learn and specialize in? Which one would be the easiest/quickest to find work for?

I did a quick search for freelancing marketplaces on the web, and signed up for what looked like the top two, and created my profile and resume. Easy enough. I also did a quick search for the best website platforms, and I made a list of what seemed to be the top three best and most popular platforms. I was going to have to learn one of these (which might take a while to have enough proficiency to land a paying project), so I really wanted to pick the right one.

Another Question for My Spirit Guides

So taking a break from the research, I headed to town again for some more shopping, and on the way I was pondering which website development platform would be the best to learn. Then I thought, why not just ask my guides, so I shouted-out to them…

"Hey guys, I've done some preliminary research on which web development platform I should learn, and these are my top three contenders; WEEBLY, WORDPRESS, or WIX. Which one is the best for me? Which one should I learn first?"

And lo and behold, not more than five minutes later, the answer came in a somewhat surprising way … it was on the license plate of a car that pulled in front of me as I was driving! On the license plate were the letters and numbers "WIX 1" and I was stunned because "WIX" was one of my contenders. Wholly cow! That appeared darn quick and was quite unambiguous! The answer to my question "which one should I learn first?" was "learn WIX 1st". What do you think the chances of encountering a license plate with something that relevant to my recent question are of appearing randomly?… very very low, I assure you!

Of course, this is not the first time I've received an answer via the letters and numbers on a license plate. I've been communicating with my spirit guides for quite a while now, and this is quite common for me. Sure, they have to abbreviate words and use numbers that have clear symbolic meaning to the recipient, but that's not hard to do. And they know that I'm paying attention and I'm good at interpreting the signs and symbols they create, so they use this communication method with me a lot.

Confirming the Answer

As practiced at communicating with my spirit guides as I am, and as trusting as I am, I still wanted to validate that the answer made sense, so when I returned home, I signed in to the freelancing platforms I had joined, and I did job searches for jobs on all each of my three contender platforms and guess which one returned the most job listings? Ya, you guessed it, WIX!

Thanks again to my guides for pointing me in the right direction. 

Launching My New Career

So I immediately began learning the WIX platform by building some demo websites on it that I could add to my resume/portfolio. A few weeks later I added my demo sites (one of which wasn't really a demo site, it was my actual business website) to my portfolio and made myself available for work. Ya, I still had a lot to learn, but I could just take small, easy jobs at first and learn and grow as I went. And believe it or not, a few weeks later I landed my first job! Wholly smokes, that was fast! I'm in business! I should have just believed in myself and tried this earlier! What a powerful lesson, and how wonderful to be transcending my long-standing limitations. I was rejoicing, and I'm sure my spirit guides were too. Because helping you grow and expand is their mission.

More Encouragement/Guidance is Delivered

Now, this wasn't the end of it. My guides were committed to fostering and nurturing this transformation of myself. So during the initial phase of starting my new business they conspired to send me additional messages that would encourage and guide me… and here are a few examples.

Long Lost Coworker

Somewhere during that early phase of ramping up my business, I received a curious call from a coworker from my distant past. It seemed odd because I hadn't heard from him in ages, and he just happened to be a software developer, the same work I was getting back into. And he wasn't just any software developer; he was my best friend at a very successful software company at the height of my success as a software developer. In addition, he greatly respected my abilities.

He ostensibly was calling because he had stumbled upon my website (Divine Cosmos), and he found that strange enough that he felt compelled to contact me. We chatted for a while, catching up and talking a little about my website, and I haven't heard from him since. After the call, I contemplated the curious timing of it, and I had another AHA moment as I realized the deeper meaning of the call. It was a message of encouragement from my guides! They were essentially saying, "You've done software development well enough to be a respected member of a successful company in the past, so you can certainly do it again. You are good enough.

"Thanks for the encouragement guys, that really helps" I said out loud in appreciation. Paying attention, noticing, and acting upon your spirit guides' messages and guidance really helps in creating an effective relationship with them, but so does expressing appreciation for their assistance. I highly recommend it.

Avoiding All or Nothing Thinking

So here's another example of encouragement from my guides but I'm sorry to say that I no longer recall the details of how this message was manifested, so, unfortunately, some of the impact of this example may be lost. All I can tell you is that another event arrived that had a clear symbolic meaning to me. And the message was this — "you don't have to be the best at something or be perfect at something to help people with that something, and be appreciated (and rewarded) for doing it."  

This was precisely what I needed to hear because my long-standing fear was that I wasn't good enough, so it struck right to the heart of the matter. And I took the message to heart and boldly forged ahead with my new business as a freelance web developer. Thanks again to my spirit guides for the encouragement!

The Divine Timing of it All

Did I mention the amazing timing of this entire transformative experience? Even though it seemed like my dissatisfaction with my old job bubbled up at a completely random time, it happened just before COVID-19 struck in earnest. And this would have entirely shut down my job, and I would've been out of work. Yet, within a month or two, I had a fully operational business working remotely with people all over the country from the safety of my home. That certainly seems like "divine timing" to me – there's is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you think!

So that's it for this story. I hope you found it interesting and helpful. This one was a bit more involved than some of my other stories, but I think it was important and informative.  More of my spirit communication experiences coming soon, so stay tuned

See you in the next story,