Quote: Om na, Om sat, Om ra - I am bliss, I am the ultimate truth, I am the creator.

Each and every one of us is an aspect of the creator ... of the consciousness that creates All That Is. There is only one consciousness and each of ours is a part of that. And the one (consciousness) is the many and the many are the one. And this one consciousness (sometimes called the Source) is creating and experiencing everything within its own consciousness because there is only consciousness.

This reality you are experiencing is an illusion of sorts ... like a lucid dream or a virtual reality ... even though it seems so "real" as you experience it. And the Source KNOWS that it is creating all of it by its very own thoughts and intentions and can not be harmed by its creations or its experiences of them. This is the ULTIMATE TRUTH and this is why knowing yourself as the CREATOR is absolute BLISS!

Enjoy your creatorship!