As usual, I'm sharing my spirit communication experiences in the hope that, if you haven't already, it might encourage some you to connect and communicate with your spirit guides, your higher self, your deceased relatives, or even other higher-dimensional non-physical beings.

So this is the story of me communicating with my dad's soul/spirit, both before and after he died. In both cases, his soul's response blew me away and I think you might find it interesting and informative.

Prelude to Dad's Passing

For about 2 years before my dad's death, I began visiting my dad and mom as often as I could because I wanted to deepen connection with them before they passed. They lived halfway across the country, so I couldn't visit very often, but I needed to visit more often. I'd been pretty distant from my family and parents for some time. And I really wanted to remedy that before it was too late, before they passed. Especially with my Dad, because his health was waning far more than my mothers. So I stated my intention with respect to my dad in both in thoughts and words something like this…

"I really like to connect more deeply with my dad before he goes. Please keep him reasonably healthy and lucid, so I can enjoy his company and communicate and interact with him productively."

This was my loving intention. I just wanted him to stick around long enough and well enough to deepen our connection.

About a year before my dad's death, his health had declined so much that he began living in a nursing home full-time. My sister and mom lived nearby so they visited him regularly, but I was far away so didn't visit that often. Eventually, my dad's health declined so much that he was put into hospice care (this is when they just try to keep you comfortable while you are dying). 

Visiting Dad On His Deathbed(s)

At this point we all agreed that I should visit more often, and that I should drop everything and visit if we thought dad's death was imminent. It would really be nice to be with him when he died. And over the following months his condition worsened to the point that we thought that his death was imminent on three occasions. And on all of those occasions I came and visited on short notice with plans to stay as long as needed.

The strange thing was that every time I arrived, his condition was much improved, and I was able to enjoy his company, and stay for a week or two and then go back home. Three times the doctors said he was on his final deathbed, and three times I came and left because he had improved dramatically upon my arrival. Which seems like was amazing coincidence, but of course, I don't think it was a coincidence. I think my dad's soul heard my loving intention and was trying to answer my prayer.

Dinner With A Concerned Friend

A few weeks after my third deathbed visit to my dad, I had dinner with a friend, and she asked about my dad. I told her about his decline and my deathbed visits and how he was miraculously better each time I visited. And then my friend mentioned something about sometimes a soul will not depart because of a loved one wanting to hold on. 

And of course, I immediately realized that that was precisely what I had been doing. And I remembered that for months my dad had been saying that he wanted to die! That's when I realized that it was time to let him go. No reason not to, because I felt satisfied with the time I had had with him. So I said out loud…

"Hey dad, I feel like I've connected with you as much as I need to. So if you are ready to go, then feel free to go. I don't want to hold you here any longer."

The Fateful Call

After dinner with my friend, I went home, got ready for bed, and as I often do, I checked my messages. And to my surprise, there was a phone message from my sister which she had left only 30 minutes earlier. My sister never calls me this late so I suspected it was about something important, and my gut was telling me that it was probably about my dad.

So I called my sister, and she informed me that dad had passed just an hour earlier - and amazingly, just after I had shouted out to the universe that if he was ready to go, he should. Holy shit! His soul received my message through the ethers, and he promptly departed - amazing!

I communicate with my spirit guides frequently, but this still surprised me! And it powerfully reconfirmed for me that spirit is real. And of course, it seemed like that my dad's spirit had also heard my earlier request about sticking around long enough and in good enough condition so I could deepen my connection with him. So a double powerful reconfirmation of the truth of spirit!

Shouting Out To My Dad's Departed Soul

So with a lightened heart and knowing that he existed elsewhere and all was well, I got into bed and turned out the light. And as soon as I did had the idea to shout out to his spirit again. Here's what I said just before drifting off to sleep.

"Hey Dad, I'm sure you're on the other side now, and all is well, just like I told you it would be, but it would be fun if you could send me a sign of some sort."

Dad's Message Delivered in a Dream

The next morning I awoke out of a very atypical and profound dream. And it was clearly no ordinary dream; it was most certainly a symbolic message from my dad. The reason I'm sure of this is two-fold; (1)  the dream was very different from my normal dreams, and (2) the symbolism was blatantly obvious and highly specific and relevant to me.

This dream was totally unlike my normal dreams, which are always rambling interactive movies with frequent strange transitions. Instead, this dream was a short series of three still images or scenes presented to me for a brief moment each.

Without knowing some background, you probably won't be able to appreciate my interpretation of this supposed dream and its significance. So here it is. I'll try to keep it short.

When I started spiritually "awakening" back in 2014, I shared my experiences and new perspectives on the metaphysical nature of reality, self, and existence with my dad. He listened politely, but I could sense his skepticism. I also shared this blog of mine with him (and later, to my surprise I found out that he read everything wrote). But I soon realized that I was overdosing him on all this spiritual stuff and decided to stop. My final words to him were "don't be surprised if your consciousness continues after the death of your body." This is one of the reason why I felt compelled to shout out to his spirit after his passing.

The first dream scene was my dad standing in the doorway of my bedroom in our childhood home in the prime of his life. But unlike my visual representation of that scene (above), it was as if I was actually in my childhood bedroom, looking at my dad standing in the doorway. This scene is clearly my dad's soul's way of saying, "This message is a from dad."

The second dream scene was a view of my childhood bedroom's walk-in closet with the door open and the light on inside. And again, unlike my visual representation of that scene (above), it was like I was actually standing in my bedroom looking into the open closet.

As soon as this scene appeared, I instantly thought, "oh my god, he knows the secrets I had hidden in there!" (yes, I had a few things in there that I kept secret from him). This is undoubtedly my dad's way of telling me, "I have great knowing" and he know s and can see so much more. This is of course, is a well-known aspect of being "on the other side" and is something I probably told him about.

The third dream scene was a black void with a white all-seeing-eye symbol (the Egyptian eye of ra) floating in the middle - as shown above.

This symbol just restates and hammers home the message of the second scene "I have greater knowing." And more importantly, it has great relevance to me because this symbol is the logo I used for this blog! And this blog is very important to me.

So in my mind, without a shadow of a doubt, this confirms that this "dream" was a symbolic message sent from my dad intended just for me.

Take-aways From This Experience

This experience poignantly illustrates one of the many ways that communication with spirit can happen. And many of them are hard for the rational mind to understand or accept. But, of course, communicating through telepathy or the field of consciousness (which is what is actually happening) is normal, and can happen between your thread consciousness and any other thread of consciousness within source consciousness system. And it becomes completely understandable once you understand the bigger metaphysical picture. Which many of my articles and future articles try explain.

Last but not least, this experience was a wonderful personal confirmation and validation of the truth of the metaphysical nature of existence for me. And perhaps a nudge for you if you need it.

I hope you found this story interesting and useful, see you in the next story.