This is the first affirmation  in my Power Affirmations Series for your consideration.  For some background on the various ways that you can use your voice to amplify the power of your manifestations check out The Power of the Spoken Word.  

This affirmation addresses the very core of your power to create whatever you like in your personal reality — be it health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, success, rewarding relationships, etc.  This affirmation could be considered the mantra of powerful creators.   It targets the root of your creational power by reinforcing your belief in your creatorship and reminding yourself of the key elements of powerful manifestation. Here it is.  

I am a creator. I am creating my personal reality with my thoughts, beliefs, focus, and more. I create my reality absolutely without exception regardless of whether I understand how, and hence I take full responsibility for everything that enters my direct experience. I exist within a field of infinite possibilities — whatever I can imagine and believe can come to pass.  TRUST and faith are the key.  I do not concern myself with HOW things will come to pass.  I simply envision the desired outcome, take inspired action, and trust that it will appear in my reality at the perfect time in the perfect way.  

This is a bold, perhaps even audacious, affirmation of one's creatorship. Depending on where you are at with mastering manifestation and your creatorship you may not be ready for one this bold.  Just understanding the theory of the Law of Attraction is not enough.  If you haven't noticed the correlations between your spontaneous or deliberate thoughts, intentions, and desires and what has been appearing in your life then likely this affirmation will simply not be believable and hence will not be effective.  

This affirmation might be good to say when dealing with challenging situations involving apparent limitations or constraints to remind yourself that all perceived limitations are only operative if you believe them, and that by giving them no credence you can manifest best-case outcomes.  

As an example of an alternative creatorship affirmation more appropriate for a beginner consider this:

I am learning to become a powerful deliberate creator.  Every day I am noticing more poignant examples of how my thoughts, intentions, and desires are correlated with what appears in my life.  Every day I'm becoming more convinced that I am indeed creating my reality absolutely without exception. Every day I am becoming a more masterful deliberate creator.  

Believe it or not, this affirmation will attract information and experiences to you that will help you become a more confident and powerful deliberate creator. And at some point, you will have the confidence to assuredly recite the bolder version of the creator affirmation that I offered.  

Or perhaps you'll prefer to chant this delightful, lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek creatorship affirmation:  

Everything goes my way, hooray, hooray! I get everything I want and more, galore, galore!  

More power to you!